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Exploring Career Interests What are my interests?

My College QuickStart and MyRoad are available to you, if you have taken the PSAT. These online tools assist you with college planning, college majors, SAT test preparation, and career guidance. See your high school counselor for more information. To access My College QuickStart, visit


This interactive website includes:

  • Major and career profiles
  • Firsthand stories from students and professionals
  • A personality test Explore Majors on MyRoad™
  • Get the big picture
  • Focus on specific topics
  • Hear from students in the field
  • Read about college preparation
  • Learn about college study
  • Connect to related careers

Research Careers on MyRoad™

  • Try careers on for size
  • Weigh rewards and responsibilities
  • Check academic requirements
  • Learn the economic outlook for the field
  • Hear from working professionals
  • Discover the Unknown

Unsure of your interests? That’s no problem: MyRoad™ is packed with tools and articles—including a personality test—to help you discover new majors and careers.

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