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Middle School


6th Grade

  • Challenge yourself academically, attend school regularly, develop good study habits, and become involved in school and community-based extracurricular activities.
  • Visit your school counselor to see if college preparatory classes are offered at your school.
  • Attend college information programs at your school and in your community to learn about Nevada colleges and universities and how to be college-ready.
  • Read at least one book every month… just for fun.
  • Explore career and college options with this fun, free guidebook from the US Department of Education.

Grade 7

  • Continue keeping your grades high and put special effort into math and English.
  • Take a foreign language.
  • Visit a college campus.
  • Continue to save for college using your savings plan.
  • Discuss career and college options with your parents, aim high and explore all options.
  • Make sure you start on a college preparatory track in middle school and junior high school. If you don’t take the right courses in middle school, you may not want to take the college preparatory track in high school.
  • If you are struggling in college preparatory coursework, now is the time to find the appropriate tutor!
  • This is the time for you and your family to look ahead and start to create a pathway that will lead you to college.
  • Visit the middle school counselor and discuss if college preparatory classes are offered.
  • Attend college information day programs at your school to find out about Nevada colleges and universities.

Grade 8

  • Be sure to take algebra in 8th grade - it will give you a jump start on math in high school.
  • You should also begin to explore the many college and career information resources available on the Internet by using your home computer, or accessing a computer at your school or local library.
  • Take a foreign language.
  • Take the ACT EXPLORE assessment test.
  • Think about college expenses.
  • The best way to prepare for meeting the costs of college is to begin saving early. Set aside money each month, starting now, to build a college fund.

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