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Of Course You can

If you have big dreams for your future, we want to help them come true. If you want to have an exciting job. If you want to earn lots of money. You can earn more, do more and go further than you thought possible… if you go to college.

The earlier you start thinking about and preparing for college, the better. www.GoToCollegeNevada.org is here to help you be ready. It is designed to show you how to plan for college and provide you with useful information, resources and more. There are even resources for your parents or guardians so they know how to help and give you the encouragement you need to stay on track.

Of course you can go to college. There are many opportunities available, including financial aid. Nevada’s college system is structured for everyone to have an opportunity at a good education, career and future.

Funded by the Department of Education and brought to you by Nevada P-16 Advisory Council and Nevada System of Higher Education

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