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Parents & Guardians

Whether you’re a parent, guardian, teacher, mentor or other caring adult, if a child or teen in your life needs help going to college, we can provide you with useful information here and throughout the site to help. Take time to learn about college planning and financing with your child or teen. Of course they can go to college, and you can help.

Quick Tips

  • Encourage your child to challenge him or herself academically, attend school regularly, develop good study habits, and get involved in school and community-based extracurricular activities.
  • Have your teen explore career and college options and collect as much information as possible.
  • If possible, develop a savings plan for college.
  • Suggest that your teen meet with a school counselor at least once a year, beginning in the 10th grade, to learn more about college and career planning.
  • Discuss career and college options with your teen and encourage him or her to aim high and to explore all options.
  • Help your teen research and make a list of colleges that he or she would like to attend. Start to investigate price, distance from home, and curriculum.
  • Make sure your teen takes any required college admissions tests and submits all admissions, financial aid, and any campus housing paperwork on time. It is crucial that you are aware of the submission deadlines. They vary among schools and are subject to change.
  • Download the K-12 Guide to College Journey - English | Spanish

College Access Challenge Grant

The Nevada System of Higher Education focuses its College Access Challenge Grant efforts to dramatically increase the percent of new college entrants, particularly for underrepresented students (low-income, first generation, students of color) in the state.

College Access Challenge Grant
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Funded by the Department of Education and brought to you by Nevada P-16 Advisory Council and Nevada System of Higher Education

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